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Ysu Programming professional web development

Ysu Programming now operates as SmarterSoft.

Sites still online

Areanet screenshot thumbnail AREAnet - Full site programming, database & application planning

Fully dynamic PHP 5 and MySQL4.1 based object oriented program, with relational database. Flexible modular program design makes modifications very easy to the system. The database contains more than 70 tables.

Features included:
  • automatic registration for users and businesses
  • online payment system
  • CMS system
  • rating and comments system which can be attached to any element (users, businesses, articles...)
  • business and personal relations
  • search
  • full administration, with flexible file level admin access, and cross-admin protection system
  • user side administration for own records
  • all data stored in the database, including the uploaded images
  • using a highly flexible templating sytem completely separating the program from the presentation layer

LIP screenshot thumbnail LIP - Full planning, programming & design

A Hungarian property info database, built using PHP 4 & MySQL 3.23, not using object-oriented methods yet. Sadly laying dormant because of the lack of marketing.

Features included:
  • full administration, multiple access levels
  • user and (searchable) property database.
  • simple but effective template system
  • custom agent homepages with the same background code. See example here.

Yogasynergy screenshot thumbnail Yoga Synergy - fixing, upgrading and design

Re-building most of the old site (the complete user side), extensive upgrading of the old system, and a moving to Aussie host for better speed and availability, plus speed optimization.

  • online payment system
  • user control panel interface rebuilding
  • debugging and partial upgrading of the old code

Blenz screenshot thumbnail Blenz Properties - Rebuilding of the original website

Development of a new site using elements from the original one.

  • normalizing and upgrading the site
  • site moved to a new dedicated server
  • DNS & web server (Apache) setup
  • new mailing system
  • small "satellite" sites setup

Techbuilt screenshot thumbnail Techbuilt - HTML and flash site development

HTML (DHTML) and CSS site building from given design images and written instructions, the site looks & behaves the same in all major browsers (PC & Macintosh) at the time of development.

  • tricky, partially dynamic-width design

Mobile Phone Secrets - Program & database planning and development

Direct marketing site. While it may not look like much on the surface, it contains a complete administration system, online payment system, user database, product administration, and an online ebook rights management system.

Internet Marketing Domain - programming

Search engine friendly direct marketing site with user database, visitor tracking and a number of entry forms with admin side statistics.

Leho - Shoping cart building & design

Custom database-less shopping cart & ordering system per request for this Hungarian lingerie & bathing suit selling company.

Jono Productions - site building

HTML site building for compatibility, working after given design (image).

Darryl Gordon Design - HTML/DHTML site building

Again, the site looks and works the same in all major browsers at the time of building

IES (IntEnt Services) - HTML site built with DHTML and javascript elements

Sowelu - HTML and CSS site building

Sites changed/removed

Australia Reunited - Programming, database & application design

The site was built to be a flexible meeting site to find old workmates, schoolmates, etc...

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Ysu Programming now operates as SmarterSoft.
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